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What's new:

  • Optimized the number of connections.
  • Optimized the performance of Project and Project Task module.
  • Further improve the Income module.
    • Now project manager need to fill out a work record.
    • Now add the reminder function to Income module.
  • Enable the history of Project, Project Iteration and Project Task module.
  • Add currency type, the default value is USD.
  • When the number of new notifications more than four, system only give one tip when you log in.

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed the bug that you edit a complete project task, the end time will become today.
  • Fixed the bug that follow up state is wrong in some situations.
  • Fixed the bug that you can view the deleted data in some situations.
  • Fixed some bugs of Income module.
  • Fixed some bugs of To-Do module.

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