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  • With the new version of Coevery released, we are delivering you a more fantastic user experience. Get the latest version from Downloads and install it, then you can login into the system with the right user account. Here is the user guide:
  1. Get the latest installation package of Coevery from Downloads.
  2. Deploy the database named “Coevery”, and then execute the scripts in Scripts\Post-Deployment from 0001 to 0012 one by one.
  3. Deploy the server-side ,and then modify the connectionStrings of the Web.config.
  4. Congratulations, then you can run the Coevery successfully. Use the following information to login in:
    • user name:admin
    • password:NovaCRM


  • Generally, in the Ribbon menu, it provides two tabs: Home and View.
  • In the "View" of the List Page, there are two groups: the Skins and the Format. You can change different skins you prefer to and make some formatting effects. You can also customize the format conditions you want to get just as the following picture shows:
  • Format.jpg

To Do

  • In the right top corner of Main Form, you will see three buttons: “the current logged in user”, “Notification” and “To Do”. If you click the button, you will open its detail page. For example, if you click “Notification”, a new page will be opened to show a list of all the notifications. The kind of notification contains the message other users send to you and the system message such as a lead converted to an opportunity. You can also send message to another user in this page. In the do-to list, you can see the lead or opportunity with a sign that needs follow-up later
  • To Do List.jpg

Button Group

  • There are several button groups in the Ribbon menu of Home Page, but not all roles can see all of them. Which button group to show in the Ribbon menu is decided by the role and the module.
  1. The "general" group: in this group, you can do some basic operations, for example, you can add a new record, update the existing record, view the detail, delete an useless record, and refresh the list page. You can also export the list to excel.
  2. The "Show" group: this group contains some buttons to show or hide the comment, time, history.
  3. The "Add" group: here you can add comment or time when you need to make some expressions for the records.
  4. The "Related" group: the buttons in this group are used to view the related modules of the selected record.
  5. The "Convert " group: you can convert a record in one module into a further module.
  6. The "Filters" group: with this group, you can make the record you want to show in the list, you can also customize filter conditions by yourself.
  • There are some screenshots of Coevery to help you know more of the system.


  • Following is the Lead List Page in Sales Module. Compared with the last version, there are two new functions: right-click menus in all list pages and "Follow up" in Lead and Opportunity Module, . The fast-menus will give you much convenience. If a lead or opportunity need to be followed up in the future, you can make a sign in the list, and system will notify you at the time you predetermined.
  • Home Lead.jpg
  • And this is the Detail Page of the Lead, the buttons in the ribbon allow you to convert the selected lead into opportunity, account or contact. You can also view its related opportunity.
  • Lead Detail.jpg

Project Management

  • The other modules in the part of Sales are similar to Lead, then come to the screenshot of Project Management. There are five parts in this module, but some parts are hidden when the current logged in user does not have full administrator rights.
  • Following is the Project List Page. Besides the buttons existing in the Sales Module, there are another button called "Add Iteration" in the "add group". With this, you can add iteration to each project.
  • Project List.jpg
  • And here is the Project task. The special function of this module is that you can add hours either by clicking "Edit Task Effort" button or "New Project Task Effort" and create daily report with the button called " Day Report" in the "add group". You can also edit the effort in the Project Task Effort list after you press the “Edit Effort” button.
  • Edit Effort.jpg
  • Releated to Project and Project Task, there are two charts called Project Chart and Project Task chart which are of great use to help you to know the states of each task.
  • The Project Chart:
  • Project Chart.jpg
  • The Project Task Chart:
  • Project Task Chart.jpg

Meeting Room Appointment

  • There is a module called “Meeting Room Appointment”. In this module, you can add an meeting in the list without the difficulties to send many e-mails to tell the participants. When the meeting you want to add has conflict with other meeting, system will give you message to notify you. You can also add a repetitive meeting.
  • Meeting Room Appointment.jpg
  • There are many other modules in Coevery to help you manage customer relation, such as Bussiness Reports, Project Reports, and so on. Please contact us if you have any questions of this system.


  1. OS: Windows7.
  2. Visual Studio.
  3. SQL Server 2005 and later versions.
  4. IIS.
  5. Devexpress.

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kamahmed57 Sep 23, 2014 at 8:50 PM 
Any idea if I wish to integrate it with Dynamics GP with to way integration?

tomhuo Jun 8, 2013 at 3:49 AM 
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jiva Jun 2, 2013 at 12:14 AM 
Great work...!
Whether the development of documentation? If you can send me an email? Such as database design fields, libraries, class notes, etc.

hard_code Mar 2, 2013 at 10:37 PM 
You're right ChetSamedy !
This product could be brilliant if only authors can remove DevExpress components.

ChetSamedy Feb 27, 2013 at 3:48 AM 
everything look good but if don't depend on Devexpress is very good.

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Hello authors !
My name's postdep,i wish you can teacher me how could i develop seconds and this project may i can using business...?

NekFred Sep 10, 2012 at 5:39 PM 
Nota 10.
Muito bom mesmo, vou baixar e apreciar melhor..

amey812 Sep 8, 2012 at 7:12 PM 
Great work...!
when will be the mvc version of this project be released...?